Humankind & Nature

Saving the Scalesia Forest in the
Galápagos with the Charles Darwin

You did it!
Thanks to the generosity and involvement
of the Azimuth World Foundation community,
the Sign-Up and Matching campaign
supporting the Charles Darwin Foundation's
Scalesia Forest Initiative
reached its fundraising goal.

The mission of donating more than $10,000 USD to the Charles Darwin Foundation has been accomplished! Soon, on our News & Stories tab, we'll share details about how this campaign contributed to recovering the Scalesia Forest in the Galápagos.

The Scalesia Forest is a giant endemic daisy-tree forest and home to many native species (including Darwin's finches). This contribution will help stop its severe decline due to invasive plants. With this support, Charles Darwin Foundation's scientists will be able to save this extraordinary habitat.

Together we are changing the world and shaping the future locally, internationally, and globally.

On the outset of our partneship, we shared a fascinating interview with Heinke Jäger, Chief Scientist at the Charles Darwin Foundation. Click here to watch.

In October 2021, we published a new insight with information about the stage of the project to restore the Scalesia Forest. Click here to read it.

In June 2022, the Charles Darwin Foundation published a new exciting update on the project's development. Click here to read it.