Humankind and Nature


Interviewing Carson Kiburo


Carson Kiburo talks to Azimuth's Executive Director Mariana Marques about the many issues surrounding indigenous communities in Kenya.

Carson is a member of the Endorois of Kenya. He's a youth leader, community organizer and a dedicated defender of indigenous rights with extensive Human Rights background. He's the Executive Director of Jamii Asilia Centre - an indigenous-led NGO, founded in 2019 to protect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples in Kenya. He's also a board member at Major Group for Children and Youth. And on top of that he's also currently co-chairing the UN's Global Indigenous Youth Caucus. We are really grateful for the privilege of having an indigenous youth leader talk to us about the issues indigenous peoples face in Kenya, which are many of them global issues that other indigenous communities face in so many parts of the world.

Jamii Asilia Centre:

United Nations - Global Indigenous Youth Caucus:

We are an ally to Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities dealing with matters of access to Health and Water and the protection of the right to maintain traditional ways of living in harmony with Nature.

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