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Safe Water
A powerful testimony from Richard Ntakirutimana (Batwa), the Executive Director of a Rwandan Batwa-led organization, advocating for Batwa rights for over two decades. "People dream what they see," is ...  read more
Humankind and Nature
An enlightening conversation about the complex reality surrounding conservation in Africa, the movement to decolonize it, and the fundamental role Indigenous self-determination must play in ...  read more
Humankind and Nature
The founder and director of Meli Bees Network on combining environmental and social positive impacts in her organization's many partnerships with Indigenous and local-led projects in Brazil. It's impo...  read more
The Endorois Indigenous Women Empowerment Network's executive director shares her powerful testimony on advocating for the rights of Indigenous women and persons with disabilities in Kenya. Earli...  read more
Humankind and Nature
We speak with staff attorney Fernanda Venzon about the importance of providing legal support to Indigenous land defenders, as they fight to protect their territories from extractive ind...  read more
Humankind and Nature
The voice of four Indigenous Nations of the Ecuadorian Amazon, who joined forces to Defend the Forest, Indigenous Rights, and their Self-Determination. The Ecuadorian Amazon's vast and diverse forest ...  read more
An inspiring conversation with the Asháninka activist and filmmaker in training, who is bringing visibility to the struggles of Indigenous women and girls in her native community of Cushiviani (Satipo...  read more
Public Health
We interview our grantees from the D.R.C. about their critical work in a conflict area, and their efforts to improve the menstrual hygiene of Indigenous women and girls.  Indigenous Peoples in th...  read more
Associate Director at NDN Collective's Foundation Tina Kuckkahn and Director of Grantmaking Nicole Yanes tell us about NDN Collective's unique Indigenous-led Grantmaking programs. Earlier this ye...  read more
Public Health
President and Founder Dune Lankard on Rebalancing Native Diets with Subsistence Foods in Alaska. Dive into the remarkable journey of Dune Lankard, a guardian of the Eyak People and thei...  read more
In April, we were honored to co-host an official side event during the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York City.  Collaborating with Jamii Asilia Centre, Global Wisdom...  read more
Humankind and Nature
We talk with the Iñupiaq Wildlife and Conservation Biologist about the role of Indigenous Peoples in Arctic conservation strategies. They make up less than 5% of the global population, ...  read more