We believe the most effective and lasting solutions for the problems IPLC communities face should be designed, developed and implemented by organizations led by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. We support projects addressing access to Health and Water and the defense of territorial sovereignty and traditional ways of living in harmony with Nature.

Humankind and Nature
USD 25.000 grant to scale Indigenous-led territorial monitoring to protect 1,000,000 hecta...

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Public Health
USD 20.000 grant to strengthen education, sensitize the community about menstruation,...

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Public Health
USD 25.000 grant to restore the historical and cultural relationship of the Native Village of E...

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Public Health
USD 25.000 grant to address the public health weaknesses of the Native American Urban Tribal populat...

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Humankind and Nature

Global Wisdom Collective & Jamii Asilia Centre

Revitalize the Roots: Bikaptorois
USD 25.000 grant to revitalize language, enhance intergenerational knowledge-sharing and preser...

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Public Health

The Bwindi Community Hospital

​The Batwa Outreach Program
USD 25.000 grant to improve the water, sanitation, hygiene and psychosocial ...

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Azimuth World Foundation's mission is to recommend grants to the Azimuth World Foundation Donor-advised Fund through a fair, diligent, and transparent process. To be eligible to receive funding, a non-US-based organization must either have a "Friends of" 501(c)(3) US charity or qualify under an Equivalency Determination, i.e., equivalent to a 501(c)(3) US Charity. If neither of these conditions is met, funding cannot be granted. 

The Azimuth World Foundation does not assess the criteria for qualification under an Equivalency Determination or with a "Friends of." The Azimuth World Foundation assesses a candidate's project information, such as goals, activities, budget, and timeline, and selects projects to recommend to the Azimuth World Foundation Donor-advised Fund. 

For the Fund to be able to award grants to non-US-based organizations following all legal requirements, it must submit the review process to an independent and impartial entity, NGOsource. It is this entity that will determine the candidate's eligibility to be considered equivalent to a US 501 (c)(3) or to receive funds through a US "Friends of."

about Equivalency Determination
about US 501(c)(3) "Friends of"

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