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We believe the most effective, sustainable and lasting solutions for the problems that Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities face should be designed, developed and implemented by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities' organizations. The projects we support address three issues: access to Public Health and Safe Water, and the balance between Humankind and Nature.

We're reviewing the applications for our inaugural grant cycle. Access our grants portal and register to apply for our next grant cycle.

Azimuth World Foundation makes grants in support of its mission and recommends grants to the Azimuth World Foundation Donor Advisor Fund through a fair, diligent and transparent process. To determine if an international organization is eligible to receive funding, Azimuth World Foundation and the Azimuth World Foundation Donor Advisor Fund must verify that the proposed grantee either has a *"Friends of" 501(c)(3) US charity or qualifies under an *Equivalency Determination (meaning equivalent to a 501(c)(3) US Charity). Should neither of these conditions be met, funding cannot be granted. If you do not have a "Friends of" charity and want to know what documentation you will need to qualify under Equivalency Determination, click the link below.

If you have questions regarding our recommendation process or any other inquiries about our grants in general, please email us at grants@azimuthworldfoundation.org.

*What is a "Friends of" charity? (.pdf)
*How can my organization qualify under an Equivalency Determination?

Public Health

The Bwindi Community Hospital

​The Batwa Outreach Program
USD 25.000 grant to improve the water, sanitation, hygiene and psychosocial ...

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