Safe Water

Against COVID-19 in Tanzania

We've reached our fundraising goal: 14,400 USD

Azimuth World Foundation and Water Mission made it
possible for 20,000 school children and teachers in
Tanzania to access safe water, which also contributed
to the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

It's a fact: SAFE WATER means life, health, education. And according to UN-Water, handwashing with soap is critical in slowing the spread of viruses such as COVID-19.

When Azimuth World Foundation was alerted by Water Mission (a leading implementer of sustainable safe water and sanitation engineered solutions) about how thousands of Tanzanian children and teachers didn't have access to safe water at the schools they attended, it took action.

Azimuth World Foundation raised 14,400 USD to install 30 handwashing stations at 15 schools in the Kasulu district. This meant access to safe water for 23,337 children, teachers, and families, better prevention of the spread of COVID-19 in the region, and access to improved hygiene and sanitation solutions.

"Azimuth World Foundation is dedicated to supporting meaningful solutions that impact the world. Providing access to Safe Water is one of our priorities."

Mariana Marques, Executive Director of Azimuth World Foundation​

"This was the first project we supported, and it was vital. When schools are equipped with soap and water, students and teachers have an opportunity to stay healthy and go on with their education and work. Access to safe water impacts their present and their future — it saves lives."

Mariana Marques, Executive Director of Azimuth World Foundation​

Before Water Mission completed the Kasulu School Hand Washing Project, most of these schools had few or no hygiene resources. According to David Gerlach, Water Mission's project engineer, the project "acts as a front-line preventative measure against COVID-19 and many other communicable diseases."

"While this project will have a direct impact on the overall health of students and teachers within schools, it will also help promote handwashing education in the extended Kasulu communities. Students and teachers can take what they learn about hygiene at school and share it with their families."

David Gerlach, Water Mission's Project Engineer

UPDATE: Benjamin Filskov, country director at Water Mission Tanzania, on the impact of Kasulu Schools Hand Washing Stations installation - Click here to watch the video

If you want to learn more about the incredible work of Water Mission to bring Safe Water to Local Communities in Tanzania and Uganda, make sure you check out our interview with WASH officer Dorothy Nangobi for our video & podcast series "Connecting the Dots". Click here to watch or listen.