Dear Friends,

We are Terry Rockstad and Mariana Marques, and, just like you, we are passionate about social and environmental issues.
We believe that we are all connected — humankind, nature, environment — and that to protect and preserve this planet we call home, we need to restore its balance and improve the welfare of all its living beings. This is why we created Azimuth World Foundation, a US charitable organization, as described in the Internal Revenue Code, section 501(c)(3), dedicated to supporting meaningful solutions that impact the world.
Azimuth World Foundation partners with quality organizations around the world and carefully selects the projects to support. For each project, we create and promote awareness because we want the world to know, care, and help. Azimuth World Foundation supports local, international, and global projects that deal with three specific issues:

Public Health because diseases can be prevented or treated with timely access to appropriate and affordable medication, vaccines, and other health services;

Access to Safe Water because access to clean and safe water is essential to achieve health, education, and income growth, particularly for women and children;

Humankind and Nature because we need to build on successful conservation efforts and help local communities find ways to thrive alongside nature and wildlife.

We can change the world and shape the future locally, internationally and globally. Together, we can make a difference.

Join us! Watch the impact we are making.

Mariana Marques

Terry Rockstad

Mariana Marques

Terry Rockstad

Our work

Mission & Vision

We give voice and support solutions that change the world in a positive way.

“We, Azimuth World Foundation, believe that we are all connected and that together we can change and transform the world and have a positive impact so that Humankind and Nature thrive in harmony.”

Mariana Marques and Terry Rockstad

What We Do

We, Azimuth World Foundation, support local, international and global projects that we personally and carefully select that improve access to Public Health and Safe Water and promote the balance between Humankind and Nature.

How We Do It

We want you to join our community and witness the impact we are making.

To select an organization and a project to support, we thoroughly assess its credibility, work, and employment of funds. We look for organizations of integrity that show structural results with positive impact. For us, positive impact does not translate as a superficial and temporary fix but rather as a concrete and lasting solution.

We, Azimuth World Foundation, create awareness by developing campaigns. We amplify the voice of selected organizations that develop the projects we support. We stimulate debate and conversations by sharing our stories and news on access to Public Health and Safe Water, and the balance between Humankind and Nature. Our purpose is to create a movement with you.

Together we can make our voices heard and lead the conversation about issues that call for debate and solutions that merit support.

The Pillars

For a better
world, with
Because it's vital.

For a better
world, with
access to
Did you know it
saves lives?

For a better
world, where
& NATURE thrive
in harmony.


Azimuth's team met five years ago in Portugal while working together in Communications. For the last two years, they've had the privilege of joining forces to raise awareness about issues they're passionate about and supporting exceptional projects that have helped AWF define its path and grow towards an organization that's impacting the world in a meaningful way.

  • Mariana Marques is a conservation biologist and passionate traveler.
    She was born in Portugal, a small country in Europe’s most western point.
    Her love for Nature and all living beings developed during childhood and is now part of her DNA. She has worked in Animal Behaviour, Welfare & Conservation, as a Nature Guide, and in Communications and PR. She always dreamed of someday being able to contribute to a better world where nature and humankind thrive.

    Mariana Marques
    Executive Director
  • Carla is a linguist who has worked as a translator, editor, and content writer for different sectors, but it was her work as a teacher that she feels was the most gratifying part of her career. In the last few years, motherhood has strengthened her drive to help make the world a more equitable place for all. The invitation to work with Azimuth World Foundation was the opportunity to apply her professional skills and dedication to doing exactly that.

    Carla Santos
    Grants Manager & Content
  • Francisco has a master’s degree in Communication and Contemporary Culture from Nova University in Lisbon and has worked in PR and as a content creator for many different sectors. Joining Azimuth World Foundation was an opportunity to do what he believes is one of the most critical communication tasks: find the just images and words to best empower and amplify the voices of people whose human rights have yet to be fulfilled.

    Francisco Soares
    Communications Manager & Content

Advisory Committee

Azimuth’s advisory committee is a collection of unique individuals who contribute expert knowledge and skills—NGO executive roles, science and conservation, indigenous leadership and multimedia production and directing. Their strategic advice, opinions and recommendations guide AWF’s decisions regarding what projects to support, helping the organization navigate the various dimensions that dictate what a solid project is in order to have a profound impact within the scope of the foundation.

  • Gary Shaye has worked worldwide in the Dominican Republic, Nepal, Bhutan, Bolivia, and Haiti. He has wide international experience overseeing health and education development projects and humanitarian responses. For more than 45 years, he has served in various roles with Save the Children. In Haiti, he was the Country Director following the devastating 2010 earthquake. In 2017 and 2018, he was responsible for the hurricane response in Hurricane Irma's aftermath in Florida and Maria's in Puerto Rico. In 2019, when he was in Colombia, he supported the response to the Venezuelan crisis. He currently serves as Senior Director for Save the Children.

    Gary Shaye
    Advisory Committee Chair
  • Billi Jo is a Húŋkpapȟa/Iháŋktȟuŋwaŋ sovereign being of the Očhéthi Šakówiŋ of Standing Rock. She co-founded the nonprofit Oúŋ, a Lakȟóta term meaning "to live", as a model of service to promote the advancement of Indigenous Peoples' self-determination. Her love for her children and people motivates her to practice Mitákuye Oyásʼiŋ, the world view of interconnectedness. She believes that restoring Indigenous Peoples inherent right to decision-making and community building in matters which affect their rights will collectively reconnect humanity towards honoring Uŋčí Makȟá, Grandmother Earth. Following the Supreme Court Decision to uphold North Dakota's new voter ID law, she organized with North Dakota Native Vote to inform and mobilize communities on Standing Rock. In 2019, she was elected president of the Bismarck Public Schools Indigenous Advisory Committee and is currently serving her second term. Billi Jo currently serves on the Rockstad Foundation's and NDkidscount's advisory committees. Most recently, she has joined the SB2304 Ad Hoc committee to assist in strengthening North Dakota's education system.

    Billi Jo Beheler
    Advisory Committee Member
  • Jim Kambeitz was born and raised in Bismarck, North Dakota. He is the Co-Founder of a film company, Upward Spiral Films, LLP, and a solar energy company, Lightspring, LLC. He earned a Master’s degree from the University of North Dakota. After graduating from college, he traveled the world for ten years, teaching English and studying other societies, languages, and cultures. Jim believes in circular communication and cooperation. He speaks several languages and loves to travel but believes supporting our local community is critical. Hence, his priority is to hire and train local NDakotans to build our solar energy and film industries here in ND. Currently, Jim is co-directing a community film and engagement project to cultivate understanding and better relationships in his community.

    James Kambeitz
    Advisory Committee Member
  • Raquel completed her degree in veterinary medicine in 2005 and a post-graduate degree in surgery in 2009. She began her career with externships in internationally renowned zoos, like Sydney’s Taronga Zoo and Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, and has since been working at Maia Zoo (Portugal) as an ultrasound technician and marine animals consultant. Raquel is now entirely dedicated to ultrasound imaging, working primarily with dogs and cats but also with reptiles, ferrets, hamsters, and other species. Along with two other colleagues, she’s about to open a top medical imaging center that will pioneer a new kind of veterinary service in Portugal.

    Raquel Ferreira
    Advisory Committee Member
  • Rowan Martin is a biologist and conservationist with a passion for connecting people and nature to protect threatened ecosystems. He has a Ph.D. in the behavioral ecology of threatened parrots. He is currently the Director of the World Parrot Trust’s Africa Conservation Programme, where he oversees a diverse program of activities.
    Rowan has worked in several countries in Africa and Latin America, conducting research and implementing conservation projects to protect threatened wildlife. He has published over 30 peer-reviewed publications.

    Rowan Martin
    Advisory Committee Member
  • Thea Bechshøft is a marine biologist with a Ph.D. in polar bear ecology/physiology. Her passion for nature, particularly for the raw Arctic regions, steered her commitment to this ecosystem and its protection. She has spent 15+ years studying polar bears, publishing peer-reviewed scientific papers, and conducting fieldwork in Greenland and Canada. Thea has also guided polar voyages in Svalbard and Russia and is currently working as a researcher with Polar Bears International. She is the creator and host of the popular Facebook page Polar Bear Questions.

    Thea Bechshøft
    Advisory Committee Member

Founder & Trustees

Terry Rockstad, Azimuth’s Founder, has been actively involved in philanthropy for many decades and committed himself to the challenge of founding this organization because of his drive to fight for a better world. Together with Petrea, their trusteeship secures the transparency and financial management of AWF.

  • Terry Rockstad was born in North Dakota and has devoted over 40 years to build a very successful retail business. He’s been actively involved in humanitarian and environmental causes for a long time — currently on the board of directors of the International Peace Garden, a board member of The Great Plains Food Bank, a former president of The North Dakota Historical Society, a former member of Twin Cities YPO and a long-serving supporter and partner of Save the Children.
    In 2015, he created the Rockstad Foundation, a charity that inspires and supports human kindness and leadership development.

    Terry Rockstad
    Founder and Trustee
  • Petrea has over 20 years of experience in financial services as an investment advisor to community banks and individuals. Her guiding principle has always been to help people be good stewards of their assets. Her professional and educational experience has also included working in the US Senate, at an international business school and studying as an exchange student at INCAE Business School in Costa Rica. In addition, she has over a decade of dedicated volunteerism & community service, including contributing as a board member to Charles Hall Family Services and volunteer work for JDRF.

    Petrea Klein

Azimuth World Foundation is recognized under section 501(c)(3)
of the Internal Revenue Code and in full compliance.
Located in North Dakota, USA.

For a better world, with access to Public Health and Safe Water, where Humankind and Nature thrive.